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Why Are A lot of Companies Increasingly Investing in Live Streaming of Videos?

Every shrewd business person knows how important it is to capitalize on what’s hot and make the most out of it. Periscope mobile video live streaming app has a lot of positives. Many brands have quickly taken to using it ever since it was launched. Why is it that a lot of companies are increasingly investing in mobile video communication channels? Mobility I think this goes without saying because a mobile device is, well, portable. Mobile video live streaming apps like Periscope are very popular because of […]

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Important Things That Entrepreneurs Should Know About Periscope Live Streaming App

A business person must allows be curious because that is what drives innovation and business growth. By now a lot of entrepreneurs have heard about the Periscope live streaming app. However, there are some important things that any entrepreneur who wants to use it for marketing purposes must take note of. Mobile video streaming applications have far reaching benefits for any business person that knows how to use them properly. Before you get started on Periscope, these are some of the things that you should be able […]

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Importance of Real Time Publishing on Periscope For Brands

The Periscope app is so fresh because it allows businesses to publish content in real time. There has been a new craze about real time publishing ever since the mobile video live streaming app was launched. In keeping up with the new marketing trends and appealing to new and unique demographics of customers, businesses have had to find ways to package their marketing contents in a manner that users will find helpful and highly refreshing. Real time video streaming on social media platforms has become the in-thing […]

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