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Live Streaming Etiquette

How should you conduct yourself during a live video streaming session? Remember that a live broadcast does not have an edit button and you’d do well to behave yourself appropriately. The main idea behind Periscope marketing is to promote a product in an interactive and lively manner. This concept is usually liked for the sheer authenticity that is adopted in creating content. However, one should never forget that for its unrehearsed nature, businesses must still observe basic etiquette while broadcasting. So in what way is one supposed […]

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Lessons Learnt From Periscope Marketing Campaigns So Far

A lot of companies have used the Periscope live streaming app for several marketing campaigns ever since it was launched. Unlike with recorded broadcasts, it’s not advisable to sound plastic or mechanical during the live streaming sessions because viewers will immediately detect that. This app functions best when businesses present a honest picture of themselves that customers can also relate to. Over the course of nearly ten months, what are some of the most important lessons that we have learnt so far from Periscope marketing campaigns? Below […]

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Is Periscope Marketing Here For The Long Haul?

Technology is always evolving and constantly there are new inventions and innovations that change the way information is shared. Periscope mobile video live streaming app was launched about ten months ago and has already received a lot of praise from the business community. There are several reasons why it has become so popular, key among those being its ability to allow businesses to broadcast content in an easy and cost effective way. A question that a lot of people ask is whether it will stand the test […]

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